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Woodwork, Renovation,
Cabinetry and Handyman Services.

Our services vary from kitchen cabinetry and home renovation, to handyman repairs and woodwork of all sorts. Whether we help you create the kitchen of your dreams or build a deck to enjoy your summer barbecues, all of our work comes with the same promise of quality and attention to detail. Let us help your project exceed your expectations, start to finish.

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About Cape Woodwork & Construction

CAPE was established in 2019 after years of dreaming. Dreams of a business creating beautiful spaces in both form and function. Lucky for me I met a best friend who had the same dream. Together with my wife, Gillian, we have launched CAPE Woodwork and Construction. Our name is inspired by my childhood home on the Western Cape of South Africa. Acknowledging a home and country I love while going on a new adventure. With 12 years experience in construction and red seal cabinet making, we look forward to helping you and your family with your own renovation adventure!

-Eckley & Gillian Dijkman

Your summer is about
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