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Need Guidance for Your Own Fence?

If you are thinking about building your fence, we know that it can quickly become a more extensive project than you anticipated. Choosing the right wood, fence tilt, and post wobble are only a few of the common problems made when building your fence. We have prepared a quick guide to help you build a sturdy structure, avoid costly mistakes, and gain curb appeal.

What’s in the Guide?

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How to find your property line

Level Icon

How to set your fence posts

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How to make a fail safe string-line with a quick release

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Recommendations on staining

trunk Icon

A guide to choosing your wood variety

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A complete tool checklist

Avoid the Common Pitfalls

If you want to avoid the surprises builders often experience, this guide is our gift to you. It’s just a taste of how we help our customers bring their backyard vision to life with masterfully build products.

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